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Off to Liverpool…

Posted on: June 7, 2009

So Friday was my last day of classes for session A.  After a long rough night and morning of not having internet, and then barely having internet, I was finally able to get my paper finished and printed.  (Thank goodness I decided to bring a flash drive with me to London).  Friday morning I handed in my paper, took my two hour test (6 long short-answer questions) and was done!  It’s not like it was a bad class or anything, I actually enjoyed it, but I was getting tired of having to do work.  Hopefully History of London will just be trips and fun learning experiences all over London, and not that much work.  I guess I’ll find out tomorrow though.  So after class and getting myself back together, I packed up a small suitcase and headed over to the tube.  We took the tube to the Victoria Coach Station and from there got on a bus, much like the one I take back and forth from Ithaca.  5-6 hours later we finally arrived in Liverpool.  It was pretty late at night at this point though so after getting pretty lost, we finally found our hostel.  It was nicer than I expected.  There were four of us on this trip, and it was a four person room which worked out.   Two bunk beds, about 2 feet in between, and very little other space besides that.  It was cramped but at least we had our own bathroom attached to the room.  After a long day, partly because of the method of travel (long bus rides wipe you out…) we all pretty much crashed until the morning.

Saturday was our exploring day.   We woke up bright and early (around 7:30am my time) and headed out into the rainy weather.  We headed down to Albert Dock to see most of the attractions.  First stop was the Beatles Story.  This included a gift shop, as well as a museum.  We walked through the museum, which was basically the story of the Beatles from their beginnings when they weren’t together all the way until they broke up, and even a little after that.  It was pretty cool thing to walk through, a lot of lights and good music and informational headsets which seem to be used at many of the attractions we’ve been to so far.  After the museum and the gift shop, we headed over to the Tate Liverpool, a modern museum right on the water.  It was interesting to say the least.  There was a lot of artwork that I just didn’t understand at all, but I guess that’s the case with me for a lot of modern art.  We didn’t stay there too long; a mix of not a lot to see and not having much of an interest there.  Next we headed over to the Maritime Museum. That was a lot of fun.  There was a huge display on the Titanic and other ships which sailed near its time.  There was actually a man who swam down to see the Titanic wreck who worked in the museum.  He standing and talking about it while I was there.  That was pretty amazing.  There was another part of the museum which was called the International Slavery museum.  We walked through there a little before heading back out into the rain to go to our next location.  We decided to walk over to the St. Nicholas Church after that so I could walk around there.  It was, like so many of the other churches that I’ve seen, just amazing to look at, the architecture, and the design behind it.  After walking through the gardens, into the church, and looking at the pier where Nick’s ship was docked last year, we walked to the Metropolitan Cathedral.  That was one of the oddest looking churches I have ever seen.  It was definitely the more modern of the churches that we have seen while on the trip. It was still pretty cool though and we walked around there for a while before going to the Liverpool Cathedral, one of the largest cathedrals in the world.  It was pretty amazing there too.  Everything was just so big and towered over us.  We walked around there for a good hour just exploring the entire place and taking it all in.  At 6 we were scheduled to meet a taxi, “The Beatles Fab Four Taxi Tour” as it was called. It was a private tour to all of the Beatles sights around Liverpool, including Penny Lane, Strawberry Fields, all the Beatle’s houses they grew up in, and some other cool areas.  That lasted for a little over 2 hours and was just tons of fun.  We listened to music, and learned about all these cool places around Liverpool having to do with the Beatles, and saw places in their songs.  That was basically the end of our sightseeing.  We got some dinner after the tour and just walked around the city for a while, partly to look around and partly because we got lost…again.  We did so good getting places from the hostel but not so much getting back to it.  After a very long day we all passed out again once we got back to our small room.

Sunday, today, I didn’t do that much. We woke up pretty early again, had some more of the crappy breakfast they had for free at the hostel, and then headed over to the bus.  That was at 9:30 am, and then around 3 or 4pm today we got back to our dorms finally.  The rest of the day was just relaxing.  I unpacked, cleaned a little, and had some dinner.  I finally was able to do laundry after that.  It took from around 7 all the way until 11 tonight to finish doing laundry, and I still now have stuff handing dry in my closet.  It’s a bit of a mess, but it’ll be all done by tomorrow hopefully.  That’s about all for this weekend though.  First day of classes tomorrow for session B!  I’ll be home in 3 weeks from yesterday.  Pretty crazy how fast time flies by here.  Half way through my trip, and so many things to still see! Can’t wait!!


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