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The final week of Session A…

Posted on: June 4, 2009

So this week has been pretty crazy with my paper due tomorrow and everything else, which is why I haven’t written at all.  So here’s a short and sweet version of my last week in Minority and Ethnic Relations before heading onto Session B and my last 3 weeks here in London.  It seems pretty crazy that I am already half way through my stay here, but I am very excited to be coming home soon, even though I am having a fabulous time.  So here goes:

Monday I handed in my paper to be checked hoping that would be the end of it (no such luck …).  After class we ran over to the Hampton Court and Palace where Henry VIII lived and all his wives.  It was a pretty cool place, not to mention one of the largest palaces that I have seen so far.  We spend a few hours there, wandering all over, and seeing almost every part of the castle.  The gardens around it were amazing too.  Flowers and fountains, statues and even a maze which we were too chicken to go into for fear of never coming out (we also only had about a half hour left and did not want to be late).  After seeing as much as possible we headed back to the Atlantic House, taking a bus and then the tube.  We have become very good at the whole public transportation thing.  Then after an early dinner we headed over to the Thames River for the guided tour the program set up for us.  It turned out to be pretty interesting.  We saw a bunch of hidden away passages and markets that I didn’t know existed.  We also went to 3 different pubs, each one older than the next, and the last one the oldest pub in London (I think…).  After walking around and hanging out afterwards, we headed back for the night. 

Tuesday I got my paper back.  “Good first draft!” she wrote so enthusiastically across the top.  I was not very happy with that response.  I apparently had some work to do after that. After going through a lot of my paper with her and hearing, you should add this, and here is a suggestion for that, I finally was free to go and scrutinize over it by myself.  She also suggested watching Bend it like Beckham because it is about a Sikh family, which is the general topic of my paper, so that is exactly what I did.  After watching the movie which turned out to be pretty good, I headed into the computer lab and booked my trip to Liverpool, which is where I am leaving for tomorrow (Friday).  We got everything all set up right in time for dinner.  After dinner we headed back to the Thames River, but this time to see Romeo and Juliet in the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.  It was really cool to watch, and I was standing right next to the stage, front and center.  I was so close that once or twice the actor’s spit hit me. Pretty gross, but it was worth it being that close.  After standing for almost 3 hours (with one 10 minute intermission where everyone sat – kind of backwards from normal actually) we walked back to the tube and back to the dorms to pass out.  So much for working on my paper…

Wednesday I had to do a presentation on my paper for my class, if I didn’t have to do enough for this teacher already.  It went ok, although I didn’t expect much of myself because I hate speaking.  After getting through that, I came back to my room and worked on my paper trying to finish it (no such luck again).  The only thing that I really did all day besides getting through about half of the paper was to go out and play football (well soccer but London people call it football).  It turned out to be a very nice night, so playing out in the park was a lot of fun, and it felt great to be able to run around.  After a fun game of soccer, my team winning, we headed back to the dorms.  I attempted to look at my paper again but was unable to, and decided to pass out for the night.

Today, Thursday went pretty much the same.  There was no class this morning so I went and paid a visit to Sonja instead, the person in charge of the classes here.  I decided, after much struggle with my college back at home, to change my class to History of London for next session, because the Parliament teacher expected a politics background (of which I do not have).  That’s ok though, because now instead of having to go to class from 2-5 each day, I have to go from 10-1, giving me more time in the afternoon and night to continue my explorations through London.  After talking with her, I headed back and worked on my paper even more.  I took a break for a little while to go to the Sherlock Holmes museum and Harrods.  The museum was pretty cool.  Four floors of statues and scenes from the shows (I’m assuming).  Then we went to Harrods and marveled at how much money people spend on things.  A tank top looking shirt was almost 64 pounds.  A bag, too small to fit anything more than a phone and some money, was almost 3,000 pounds.  It was crazy! After walking around that store for a while (almost 2 hours spent over 4 floors and a city block’s length) we finally made our way out and back to the dorms.  We ate some dinner and I spend the rest of the night working on my paper which I have finally had enough of and am finally done with. 

This weekend I will be in Liverpool without a computer but I will be sure to write all about it when I get back on Sunday.  I can’t wait!!


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  • meganinlondon: it is not 50 million days before for your information ... I handed it in today to be checked and have to do a presentation on it wednesday all before
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