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The Prime Meridian…

Posted on: May 30, 2009

So it turned out to be very nice out today, even a little hot which was very exciting for us.  Instead of class in the morning we went to Brick Lane which was what the book I had to read for class was all about.  It was a little different from what they talk about in the actual book, but some of the stuff that is mentioned by the author is actually still there and running which is very cool.  The whole time reading the book it was like this, me knowing exactly where the author was talking about, because it all took place right on that block, and in the area that I am staying in.  After walking around and seeing some of the cool sights there, we ended up leaving the teacher, not without a free lunch of course, and walked through an Anglican church nearby.  The churches in this country are so pretty, the architecture and grace about them.  It makes people who are not even religious want to go to a service while in London just to experience it.  After that, we headed back to Kensington, where I met my friends and went right back in the same direction, but this time to the DLR line, and off to Greenwich to see the Prime Meridian. 

There was a lot to see there.  First we went into the National Maritime Museum.  There were models of boats, anchors, a wave pool, and a lot of other cool history stuff.  After going through there, and getting kicked out (the museum was closing apparently), we walked next door where the queens house is located.  This was not as pretty or as elaborate as I thought it was going to be.  I think it was just another area where all of the queen’s stuff she doesn’t necessarily need or want goes there.  We passed by that after a few quick pictures and headed up the hill to see the actual Prime Meridian line.  We took many pictures there after hiking up a hill that reminded me a little too much of the steep hills back at Ithaca.  The line had some of the latitudes next to it also so I took a picture by the New York line, after doing the typical, one foot on each side pose.  We hung out there and headed back to the dorms after that to get our free dinner.  I even got to writing my paper after that.  I have officially passed the 1,000 word mark. 

Stone henge for Saturday morning !! Can’t wait! (even though it does require waking up at 7am)


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