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I do believe in Fairies I do I do!!!!….

Posted on: May 28, 2009

So today started off as most of the others, with class in the morning, heading back to the dorm before lunch time.  We decided today to try the gardens on the roof that we heard about in one of our tours so long ago (actually not that long I guess .. only about a week and a half… seems longer though).  There is a building about 7 stories high, that just has gardens all over its roof top.  There are different sections of it as well, one of which had a bridge over water, and 2 real live flamingos.  Another area has tables and chairs set up with grass all around.  Another just a little patio looking place.  All of this not so abnormal for a nice garden on the ground, but it is on top of a building !! and thats what makes it soooo cool !! My friends and I walked around just amazed by what we were witnessing so high off the ground.  There is also a restaurant there in the center, where you can get lunch or a meal.  Our plan was to go there to eat, but we walked through the door and everyone was in suits and fancy outfits, with us just standing in jeans and some not so fancy shirts.  We decided to leave after that, and after looking at the menu and seeing the not so cheap prices.  We ended up at Gloucester Arms and I got a ham and tomato sandwich (with butter because apparently no sandwich goes without butter in this country …) on a baguet and chips (french fries) for only 5 pounds.  Much better by my standards. After lunch I worked on my paper again because we were going to an early dinner before seeing Peter Pan.  (I’m now up to about 600 words … slow and steady wins the race right?). 

So after dinner we headed out to collect out Peter Pan tickets and track down the house where James Barrie lived, the person who wrote Peter Pan o so long ago.  After stalking that house for a little while (those blue circles with famous people’s names in them showing where they used to live finally came in handy ..) we headed back to the tent to watch the show.  It was kind of cool actually, a lot of tech crew stuff, technology and stage settings were very interesting.  They had 360 degrees of screens all around the tents with people sitting in stadium seating around the stage in the center (kind of circus – ey).  They continued to put background images on the screens, making it look like they were flying instead of just floating in the air, or that there was actually a ship instead of jsut the wooden stage.  The props and trap doors were very cool also, although all of the stuff catches my attention usually so thats what I spend most of my time trying to figure out.  Overall it was good, probably more exciting for children younger then me, but hey I’m in London, might as well do everythere is to do right? Even if it is a little silly sounding.

After the show, and a failed attempt to meet Michelle who is here through Ithaca College, I made my way back to the dorms.  (Got to talk to Nick along the way which made it even better).  Hopefully tomorrow will be nice because I’m heading out to the prime meridian if it is!!

Til then – Cheers !


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