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The adventures of London week 2…

Posted on: May 28, 2009

So I’m falling behind yet again because I am simultaneously trying to complete my book for class (which I successfully did Wednesday), as well as get a start on my 2500 word paper (401 done, a lot to go), and travel all over and enjoy my time in London. Too much to do! Anyway, Tuesday was a lot of fun. I went to class, and then directly from there went onto the tube and off to Westminster Abbey stop to go on the London Eye, see Big Ben, Parliament, and the inside of Westminster Abbey, all very cool. First we went onto the London Eye, which is basically the very large Ferris wheel right on Thames River. It continually spins all day while it is open, each “seat” holding about 30 people in its egg shaped compartment. You can see pretty far from the very top, including Parliament and Big Ben which we continued to take a lot of pictures of while we were up in the air because it was the closest thing we could say. There were also these funny “human statues” we saw and went to check them out after getting off of the London Eye. There was a silver statue dancing around, a gold queen lady sitting on a throne, and an invisible man (who was asking for tips…a little weird considering there were only inanimate objects making up the invisible man).

After that we went back across the river and tried to get into Parliament, only to be rejected by some strong big man with a gun (there were many others around like him too). Apparently there is very limited access except on select days, and that was not one of them. After being rejected, we decided to go over the Westminster Abbey and check out that church while we were in the area. It was incredible to walk around and see all the graves everywhere; apparently it is the grave sight of many famous and not so famous people. This included Shakespeare, King Henry VII, as well as Princess Diana’s funeral was held here. They also do this interesting thing where everyone is asked to stand still and a moment of silence is held in memory and celebration of people, and one of the priests comes over the speaker system and says a prayer. This occurs once every hour and I was lucky enough to witness this incredible silence throughout the church.

After going to the gift shop, we headed back to Atlantic House for dinner and to get ready for Spring Awakening. This show was amazing! I absolutely loved it, and have since then downloaded the soundtrack to listen to on ITunes. After a very exciting day and night we headed back to the house to do some much needed homework (on my part anyway), and eventually get to bed.

Wednesday my class was cancelled so I came back to the house and did laundry (after 4 hours it was finally done…) and read my book for class.  Finally after laundry was done I went out to walk around, take a break and get some lunch.  Ended up back a little later and was able to finish the book and get some work done on my paper.  Because it was very rainy and gloomy day I didn’t do that much around town besides this.  I guess we’ve been pretty lucky so far on this trip, that was one of the first really bad days that we’ve had.  Usually it’ll rain a little in the morning but by the time I get out of class it is basically gone so I can’t be too upset over one or two bad days. After dinner at night we headed over to the pub to watch the championship football (soccer) game, Barcelona verse Manchester.  Despite most of the crowd’s wishes, Barcelona won 2-0 victory against the England team.  It was a lot of fun, even if everyone was squeezed into a fairly small room.  After the game we came back for the night and sleep.


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HAHAHA “egg shaped compartment” awww Megan i’m so jealous! it sounds like you’re having so much fun!! but i’m talking to you on skype right now…sooooo byee 🙂

Hey look kids, Big Ben, Parliament.

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  • meganinlondon: it is not 50 million days before for your information ... I handed it in today to be checked and have to do a presentation on it wednesday all before
  • Julie: You would finish your essay 50 million days before its due. miss&love you!
  • Jason Raggio: Hey look kids, Big Ben, Parliament.



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