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Some things I learned in Paris…

Posted on: May 25, 2009

1.  You may have to pay money to use the bathroom. 

2. If you do not no how to speak French, do not say bon jour to people on the train.  They may actually answer you and decide to start a conversation.

3.  It is possible to try and take a picture of the Eiffle Tower and actually miss then entire thing and have to re-take the picture (oops …).

4.The Last Supper is actually in Italy, NOT in the Louvre.

5.If someone comes up to you and asks you speak English, say no.  They are beggers on the street and will stand there and tell you their whole life story while trying to guilt you into giving them money. 

6. People selling souvineers on the street do not understand the word no.  They will continue to ask you to buy things as long as you are within 20 feet of them. 

7. Avoid sketchy cafes with overly friendly owners.

8. Charge camera before going to the Eiffle Tower, apparently the height drains the batterys. (numerous people’s cameras died all in a matter of 5 minutes after getting to the Eiffle Tower and getting ready to go to the top.


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  • meganinlondon: it is not 50 million days before for your information ... I handed it in today to be checked and have to do a presentation on it wednesday all before
  • Julie: You would finish your essay 50 million days before its due. miss&love you!
  • Jason Raggio: Hey look kids, Big Ben, Parliament.



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