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Parlez-vous anglais?….

Posted on: May 25, 2009

Off to Paris I went on Friday.  Turned out to be a lot of fun for the weekend, but not so much for a 6 week trip.  I am definately glad I am here for the duration and not there.  So to start, I woke up Friday morning just in time for breakfast, got ready, packed and headed off to the meeting point where a coach bus picked us up.  Heather, our new tour guide was there to make sure the bus showed up (which it did, 20 minutes late) and to guide us all around Paris for the weekend.  Off to St Pancres, the train station which is where the Harry Potter’s train station was filmed (the outside of it anyway).  Right next to it was Kings Cross where there is actually a cart going into the wall at the 9 3/4 platform from Harry Potter again.  After getting to the train, we had to get all checked in and go through customs (immigration? …can’t really figure out the real name)  and baggage check.  I got Euros for the first time, decided to do that before getting to the other country this time, and onto the 2.5 hour train.  Turns out there is another time change between London and Paris, so instead of being 5 hours ahead I was 6 hours ahead of NY time.  The train ride was good, like going into the city just longer, and we went underwater for about 20 minutes also.  Then after the train ride was another bus which brought us to our hotel, a small little place right along a train station and a river. 

With help from our tour guide,  we scheduled a trip all the way up to the top of the Eiffle Tower along with a boat tour down the river past bridges, the Louvre, Notre Dame, Musee d’Orsey and many other areas.  After dropping everything in our hotel rooms, and running onto the Metro (the tube/subway of Paris) we made it to the Eiffle Tower which was incredible.  I was beyond words.  We turned the corner after walking for a little ways of not seeing it and it was just there!  I just stared up into the base of it in amazement.  It was nothing like I had imagined.  It just stuck up into the sky almost in the middle of no where but at the same time, it was in the middle of everything.  There were people everywhere and people trying to sell us things every second.  It was a little overwelming actually.  After walking around for a little we set an “appointment” for 12:30 Saturday to go up to the top of the tower, and headed over to the docks for the boat trip.  That was about an hour of just going around the river in Paris and seeing a lot of cool stuff all over the shores.  This included french people sitting and making fun of us for using the phone looking things. We had to hold them to our ears and press a number (ours being 2) to hear the information about the tour in the language of our choice.  Apparently the people on the shore thought it was funny looking, as I am sure it was.  After getting back it turned out to be right at 10pm and right in time to see the light up Eiffle Tower sparkle.  It does this for 5 mins on the hour every hour that it is dark outside (or getting dark in our case).  After walking around a little more and getting a crape (a chocolate crape … it was sooo good) we saw the Eiffle tower sparkling once again and decided to head back to the hotel.  We didn’t even get lost on the Metro, although getting from the metro station back to the hotel took a little longer than it should’ve but we made it.  I crashed after that, having to be up bright and early Saturday morning for the bus tour in the morning. 

We woke up and got breakfast in the morning at the hotel, and headed out to our bus tour of the city.  It was pretty good, the tour guide was really good, but there was a lot of history behind everything which got a little boring to me at times (of course that is why I am an business student and not a history major).  We got to see the Pantelon, Surbonne University, the Arc de Trimph from far away, and some other sights including being able to get off the bus at Notre Dame.  That church was absolutely amazing, so pretty inside and out.  We got to walk around there for a while before getting back to the bus, and heading over to the Eiffle Tower.  The tour guide told us how in London you have to pay for the “chairs” to sit in at the parks and stuff, but can sit anywhere on the grass, but in Paris you can only sit in the chairs and not the chairs (the French did not like that ..). The way they solved that was by making each day a different piece of grass is available to sit on, and that section changed depending the day.  He also said there are about 200,000 trees, but almost 300,000 dogs in Paris. 

After the bus tour, we went up the Eiffle tower, all the way to the top.  The only time it rained of course the entire trip was when we got up to the mid point of the Eiffle Tower, but luckly it stoped by the time we got to the top.  It got pretty nice after it and the view was amazing from the top.  The elevator ride was a little frightening I have to admit but once we actually made it to the levels, it was really cool to be there.  We also took the elevator down, but got stuck at the middle level and decided to walk down the rest of the way.  I never knew that going down stairs could give your legs a work out, but apparently it can.  We walked a lot after that.  Going to a cafe for lunch, and then the Statue of Liberty (apparently there are two of them…ours of course is much bigger though), the Arc de Trimph, and Luxenberg.  The day turned out to be very productive and fun.  We finished the night with dinner and then going to sit by the river.  Near us, there were 2 litle circles of people dancing to some music. I went over to watch, and it looked like fun even though they were only fooling around a little.  We walked back to the hotel for the night after that, and got ready for our last day in Paris. 

We went to an early breakfast and checked ourselves out of the hotel, putting our suitcases into lockers in the back of the hotel.  We went to Musee d’Orsey to look around there, and turns out the line was way to long to wait on and still get to the Louvre after it, so we decided to forget it and walked across the bridge to the Lovre to start our day off there.  The museum was huge! The group leader told us that if you looked at each exhibit for 3 minutes and looked at every single thing in the Louvre, it would take 3 years with no sleep to see everything.  I didn’t believe it until I walked around for a few minutes, and it was just giantic.  We went to see the Mona Lisa, the statue with no head and wings (I forget the name), the Egyptian wing, Venus de Mailo, and Mary Magdelon.   The whole thing was just amazing, although when I went to find the Last Supper, I sadly found out that I was in the wrong country to see that (o well).  The guard looked at me funny when I asked where I could find it and he said “Italy” and smiled.  I laughed at myself, said thank you very much and walked off just a little embarassed.  After going through just a small portion of the museum, we rushed off to the metro and back to the hotel to catch the bus back to the train to go back to London.  After sleeping the entire time, we got back into London, back on a bus, and then back to the Atlantic House.  After getting some dinner at the Giraffe and doing a little reading, I passed out after a long exciting weekend. 

Just one more thing to mention, I was very proud of myself for remember so much French, although I didn’t really speak to many people besides the immigration man while trying to get back into London. The people I did get to talk to turned out to speak Spanish, and decided to come up to me out of all my spanish speaking friends and ask for help taking a picture.  So much for using French in France.


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