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Cheese rolling anyone? …

Posted on: May 25, 2009

So today I participated (well watched) a famous event that occurs every single year on this weekend in London called Cheese rolling.  When advertised to us as students, the sheet said “Don’t ask… This s a bizarre ritual, held in the West of England best summed up as ‘twenty young men and women chase a cheese off a cliff and tumble 200 yards to the bottom, where they are scraped up by paramedics and packed off to the hospital’ A chance to see something different, unique…”  And to tell you the truth this was exactly what it was. 

I woke up at 7am this morning, got all ready and headed off to get some breakfast before boarding a 8:30am bus and driving 2.5 (almost 3 hours) to “the Hill” where this all occurs.  After climbing up a huge hill , and walking almost a full mile (all uphill) to actually get to the location of the event, we finally arrived to a huge crowd of people (thousands or more) who lined both sides of the actual hill and the base of it as well.  Everyone was cheering and right as we got there it was the little kid up hill race.  This consisted of young kids climbing up the 200 yards of hill (more like vertical cliff) in a race to be the first one to the top and to the cheese.  As rediculous as this all sounds, this is what happens. 

The following event was even more fun to watch.  This consisted of grown men waiting for a ball of cheese (about the size of a beach ball – not even as big as a tire) to be thrown down this cliff, which signaled the beginning of the race.  After this happened they then began running after it, to chase it down the hill of course, and end up stumbling, flipping, rolling and anything else you can thing of down the hill until they get to the bottom where there are large rugby players there to catch them before they ended up in the bushes right below the “race course”.  They then would be diagnosed for what injuries they got by the many paramedics already there, and based on how hurt they were, would either be wrapped up there on the spot, or some where even shipped off to the hospital in ambulances waiting on call.  Some of the races were even postponed because of the fact that they had to wait for the ambulances to come for the previous race. 

They did this about 5 times, totaling to about 2 hours of cheese rolling fun.  I have to tell you, I was expecting if nothing else, there to be a bigger cheese that they chased.  I wish I could explain this more to you but that is basically it.  It was very funny to watch as some people came dressed up, with one of the races consisting of only two people dressed in spidermen costumes.  Overall this was a very funny experience and if nothing else, something that I will never forget. 

We headed home after that only to get back for some dinner, and a relaxing night to start my long paper.


9 Responses to "Cheese rolling anyone? …"

hi its eric and greg we wish we were there with u im sooooo jelous (what do u say if u really want french fries?)

lol you should be jelous .. its so much fun here! and if you want french fries you say can i have some chips . because that is what they are called here. So tonight for dinner i had curly chips 🙂 Glad to see you both were having fun playing hookie . Talk to you soon!

ok so I’m just figuring out how to post a comment:

1: You DEFINITELY have to learn how to spell DEFINITELY

2. Jason’s idea of seeing how many drinks you can have in how many pubs IS NOT A GOOD IDEA!! 🙂

3. FYI, Greg and I watched the 2009 video clip of cheese rolling on You Tube through the cheese rolling website and I had to pause the video to let him breathe he was laughing so hard!! very funny stuff

can’t wait for the next post!

Was there some sort of point to this cheese rolling? Like did they win prizes or was there prize a trip to the hospital with broken ribs. The whole thing seems bizarre and pointlessly dangerous. They should just call it hill falling. It seems that the cheese had little to do with the festivities, it could have been replaced with someone shouting “go.” Did they eat the cheese afterwards? Was there cheese vendors walking through the croud yelling “cheese here”? Did anyone catch the cheese?

There may be a point to the cheese rolling, even though I am not exactly sure what it is lol. If you go onto youtube you can look at some of the videos or it type in something like cheese rolling 2009. Also you could go to the website (yes there is an official cheese rolling website) which is and find the pictures and videos that way. It is very bizarre yes I agree but it is a very long standing tradition and people get very into it. The winner gets the cheese, although after it rolls down the cliff i’m not sure if anyone wants to eat it. Apparently when it is nastier outside, like rainning and stuff, it makes the ground softer so it makes it better for the people, and not as much injuries occur. … Like I said origionally, it is just a crazy messed up sport that I will probably never understand but had a very fun time witnessing.

Megan I loved this cheese rolling event. Your mom wanted me to help you with uploading pictures to your blog.
Go to the page where you write new posts
After the title you will see “Upload/Insert” followed by icons
choose the first icon
chose the browser uploader
chose a file from your computer
pick a place where you want it to appear on your blog
chose upload
it will appear on the new post page. This will slow your blogs loading time so make the pictures small but viewable.
you could link web sites such as youtube to show video instead of buying extra space if you want to show video

Thanks!! Ill be sure to try that when I have some more time. Right now i’m lucky if i keep up with the days and writing about them. And yes, cheese rolling does seem to be the favorite among everyone so far.

Megan loved this post
your mom wanted me to give you info about adding picts
Go to you new post page. Below the title you will see upload/insert and some icons. Chose the first one. use the browser uploader, find a picture you like from your computer, click upload chose where on the page you want to place and its size (best to keep it small) then click insert. Any questions email me. don’t try video you have to buy space for that just add a youtube link and upload your video to youtube. Lorraine

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