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The days of the week …

Posted on: May 22, 2009

So because it is 12:30 am Thursday night Iwill be writing the rest of my week (Tuesday – Thursday) for you here (hopefully) because then this weekend I will be in Paris from tomorrow morning (yey I’m up to date for now) until Sunday night when I will be once again behind schedule and trying to get caught up again.  Don’t worry mom, I will be able to catch up on all my sleeping tomorrow while on the bus and train so pay little attention to what time it is when this gets posted.  So here it goes.

Tuesday:  Class again in the morning.  Apparently I am still a little jet lagged because I was very tired in class.  Came back to get some work done and ended up passing out for about an hour – this trip is very tiring (although I guess that is a good thing).  Then got onto the daunting task of updating the computer (a.k.a. putting pictures onto facebook and learning how to use this blog).  Worked out pretty well so far – although you are probably the final judge of that.  After relaxing some more and winning the fight against facebook and it’s uploading errors, I decided to call it quits and go to an early dinner before the historical tour of Kensington (the “town” I am living in if you haven’t realized that by this point).  Our tour guide was amazing once again (keep getting lucky I guess.. ) and he showed us so many corners of this place that I’ve never knew existed before even though I have walked those same streets numerous times already in my few days of being here.  He showed us a building that had many acres of gardens on top of it – which I of course will be going back to- and little alley ways with 4 story high spiral stair cases (and we think that the Lake George one is bad .. you should see this one — pictures will come shortly I hope).  He even lead us through an area with the prettiest fountains and gardens and houses, which my roommate and I proceeded to take a picture of.  Only to find out later that they were Embassitors houses and it was pretty much illegal to take pictures of it  (possibly even the Islamic one which would be even worse).  We turned around, caught up with the group, and did not look back after that little piece of information was given.  The tour ended pretty soon after that, and so did my night of fun.

Wednesday: Class of course.  Then came back to my room to actually do my reading before going to Pizza Hut for lunch.  Now let me tell you, this was not your ordinary US Pizza Hut.  We walked in, was seated by a very well dressed maitre d, and then noticed that each table was set up with not only forks and knives, but also very fancy wine glasses.  This was just as fancy as any other restaurant may be somewhere else, and it was Pizza Hut! I was very shocked.  We decided, me and the people I was with, that anyone from London who was going to walk into a Pizza Hut back in the states would be very disapointed.  So then we ordered a pizza for ourselves.  After receiving it and begining to eat pizza like any American would, by picking it up and putting it directly into your mouth, we were struck by the odd sensation that we were the only ones doing it like that.  After examining quite some many tables around us, we realized that everyone was cutting their pizza with a knive and fork, and eating it as if it was like a piece of chicken.  So not trying to clash with the culture, I of course tried it.  (only to fail less then 5 minutes later and go back to my traditional American pizza eating ways).  After our very interesting Pizza Hut experience, we decided to go to the gardens on the roof, only to be denied because they were closed.  I will be returning there Monday hopefully after my wonderful cheese rolling experience.  Harrods was the next stop on our list, the huge department store I spoke of before.  We made it about 3/4 of the way there, and 20 minutes and decided to call it quits, realizing that it was definately a tube trip, not a walking adventure.  Instead we stared at Prince Alberts giantic statue and monument.  Peter Pan also was near by so we walked over to that statue as well and explored the other half of Kensington gardens that we had not reached on our first trip there.  Back to the Atlantic house after that to hurry some dinner in and get all cleaned up for the Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesty’s Theatre.  We made it with only a little bit of confusion, but still pleanty of time.  The show was amazing as always, I sat at the edge of my seat the whole time (part from excitement, and partly because a really tall girl was sitting in front of me). The balcony seats were very good too considering I only paid about 17.50 pounds for it through the program I am with.  Back to the dorm after once again to relax and go to bed.

Thursday: Today was a little bit of a slow day.  After going to class this morning and deciding that my paper was going to be on the second generation of Sikhs in Britain, I wondered back to my room and then off shopping with Jessica.  I finally got a new bag (mine was ripped …) and some lunch.  Because I am leaving for London tomorrow, I decided to do more relaxing today than anything else.  After our walk around town, we headed back to Atlantic House to do laundry.  It still sucks by the way, even in a different country.  People still leave stuff in their dryers/washers, so I in turn am still forced to take the clothes out and place them ontop of the dryer/washer.  
Over 2 hours later, and multiple spins/cycles of the dryer, my clothes were finally dry (well damp) and brought back up to my room, not without being taken out of my dryer and stuck on top of it first for all the world to see my pretty underwear and bras (the wonderful world of college dorm laundry rooms).  After bringing my clothes up the many flights of stairs to my awaiting empty closets, I was able to have some dinner and get ready for my adventures in Paris this weekend.

I will post again once getting back from Paris with all my wonderful trips there. 


(the dining hall man says that to me each time I walk past him into the dining hall — I think is so funny – yet fun to close my little letters with)


2 Responses to "The days of the week …"

If they want the privaledge to eat in a pizza hit they really need to learn the correct way to eat a pizza, you must show them the error of there ways.
Have you gotten a picture of a British gaurd yet? You need to try to make them laugh, I hear they enjoy the challenge.

Have fun don’t study to hard.

lol yea I know. Pizza Hut was so weird .. I can’t imagine what would happen if they walked into one or our pizzas at home in the states.
I have seen one guard but he was behind gates, and wasn’t wearing one of those funny British outfits either which was a little disapointing. I do hear that I could also get arrested for messing with the guards so we’ll see how much trying to make them laugh I do.
I’ve definatly been having a lot of fun. The 2500 word paper and the book i have to read aren’t helping that much but I’m trying to get the best of both worlds (mainly the having fun part though). I’m trying to put some more pictures up on facebook now but I’ll definately have them all when I get home as well.

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